V International Symposium

Simposio Ediso

Disruptions and vulnerabilities: investigating discourse in times of crises

27 SEPT – 1 OCT 2021


Crisis has always been a slippery concept with shifting meanings depending on the conditions under which it is encountered. Often framed discursively in relation to societal junctures, disruptions and lived experiences of discontinuity, the term has historically encapsulated imagined moments of individual and collective vulnerability. In so doing, crisis has also been a powerful driver mobilising affective dispositions with impact on how social actors engage in (and make sense of) linguistic, semiotic and communicative practices mediating changing forms of identification and social relation.

Although it always involves a great deal of symbolic action, crisis is also intertwined with the (re)production and challenging of specific material inequalities. This has been, for example, the case with the perceived socio-economic and health-related crises of the last few centuries. While helping to (re)constitute long-standing unequal distribution of material resources across different contexts, these crises have at the same time engendered new logics of social organisation and (not always expected) forms of political reorganisation.

The V EDiSo International Symposium 2021 aims to address these issues by inviting discursive, sociolinguistic and semiotic approaches to the study of disruptions and vulnerabilities in times of crises. It welcomes contributions that shed light on their apprehension, impact and (re)signification, and on what discourse studies have to offer to an understanding of those processes.


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